Hells Beach

Following the Nuclear Holocaust, Dick, Patch and their close friends are fighting for their lives against unbelievable odds. The only inhabitable places left are Taswegia and New Haka.

Two ex-Navy Clearance Divers, an ex-Army Sapper and their partners fight to reach a place where they can hopefully make contact with others who are still alive, and who can help them rid their land of the Alliance

Jack's idea is to search for the original pre-E1 engines that have been stored away by commercial fishermen and swap them over for the buggered E1 affected engines; a bold plan but one they know will pay off. Most professional fishermen would have kept the original engines. Sure it cost them a lot of money to change to the new E1 compliant ones, but they wouldn't have been able to see themselves just trashing the originals or selling them back to the government for a paltry sum. Dick and Jack cooked up a plan to steal the commercial fishing vessels right out from under the Alliance noses; with Jack's knowledge in engineering and help from the others this was going to work.

"We can re-power these to form a fleet of fighting vessels; after all at the moment the Alliance has no power on the water, and from what we now know, they are not likely to get any more reinforcements."

A bold plan developed to isolate the Peninsular by opening the Sand Alley Bridge, enabling the TRF to kill all Alliance and recover the Peninsular...

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