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I was the first to read it, caught up with Rick and Lesley for dinner, excused myself early to start TOAST Book 1 The Ride to Hell. Sat up to 2am mate, just couldn’t put it down, can’t wait to finish it!. 3 days later – Finished the book mate, what can I say! ‘A good read’


Finished the book on the plane, boy I couldn’t put it down, really upset that April got shot, I hope she survives? I really liked the character of Doc, and could empathise about his wife.

Loved it!

Sandy Launceston TAS

Toast – A riveting read that keeps you entertained from start to finish. An eclectic group whose travels through Taswegia to hell’s beach provides spell binding excitement from start to finish.
Bring on book two.

Brett Saunders
Western Australia

I have just finished reading your book ‘ The ride to hell ‘really enjoyed it and working out the place names was interesting,

I am looking forward to the follow-ups

Cheers, Pat Domigan

I would like to tell my friends and family about this great book I have just read by Tassie author Rick Allen, I enjoyed it very much.

Katrina Erb

Hi Rick, 10 out of 10
Awesome job on your book Toast The Ride to Hell, I very much enjoyed your book interesting storyline and i very much enjoyed the characters, interesting, sometimes happy sometimes sad, looking forward to next instalments.
Cheers Katrina. Launceston

Awesome details
Thanks Rick. Jim loved your first book

Gaelene and Jim. Gore

Sandy Launceston TAS

“I have felt I might see a foreign invasion of my homeland and wondered what that might be like. “The Ride to Hell” explores that possibility set in the beautiful island state that is home. I have enjoyed getting to know the characters and see their resourcefulness, strength of character and relationships unfold in the pages of this book. It drew me in as I was shocked by the brutality of the invasion but also encouraged by the friendships and resilience of the characters. The tenderness between Dick and Patch warms my heart. Their leadership, knowledge and tenacity is a comforting haven amidst the brutal aftermath of the ongoing invasion. Doc is a most interesting character and was surprised to find myself empathizing at his decisions. I was quite on edge as April is shot and am eagerly awaiting the next book to see if she is recovers. With several clusters of survivors positioned around the island state of ‘Taswegia’ I am keen to see how this plays out in the next books in the TOAST series. The introduction of maritime vessels to the story adds an extra layer of anticipation of what may lie ahead.”

“Powerful in parts and an interesting story all the way through. Well done!”
How close is Book Two?

Allan Jamieson (Author)

I’m currently reading “The ride to Hell” I must say, having read many books from the same genre, this is up there with the best of them, hard to put down, action packed thrill a minute stuff.
If you like dystopian story telling, Rick has captured the essence of it with this , the first in the series of books in a typical Aussie way. Can’t wait for the next book in this series.
Bravo Zulu that man
Brent NSW

Just quickly, Ricks book “The Ride to Hell” is a fantastic read, very relatable to a fellow pusser, lover of dystopian dits and those not faint of heart, I wholeheartedly recommend it.
Looking forward to book 2 old mate!