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After the Nuclear Holocaust, Dick, Patch and their close friends are fighting for their lives against unbelievable odds. The only inhabitable places left are Taswegia and New Haka.
After the Nuclear Holocaust the only habitable places left are Taswegia and New Haka. Emergency! Alex Brand reporting. A force calling themselves, "The Alliance" has landed at all major ports in Taswegia. They are killing all the Parliamentarians on the lawns of Parliament House. They are murdering people as I speak. They are approaching my position now; I have to run ... (silence).
This book is about how one man's life can be touched by horses and the bond that develops between horse and rider. That life is mine - "Rick Allen"; ex-navy electrician turned leatherworker turned saddler, horse rider, endurance club president, Saddlery store owner, horseback tour guide and operator of Saddletramp Horseback Tours.
Even in my early days of repairing and manufacturing Saddlery, the one thing that stuck in my mind was that people sometimes do the stupidest things! For example, no sane person would go out and purchase an Italian leather Lounge suite with a price tag of say $8,000, and then come home and totally ignore the manufacturer's instructions with regard to cleaning and preservation would they?

The New Chinese Provence (*2022)